Best Hiking Trails in Broken Bow

One of the highlights of visiting Southeastern Oklahoma is hiking along its many scenic hiking trails in Broken Bow in Beavers Bend State Park. Whether you want an easy stroll or something that’s a challenge, you’ll find it in Broken Bow. Here’s the scoop on 10 of Broken Bow’s best hiking trails.

10 of the Best Hiking Trails in Broken Bow

1. Friends Trail Loop

Length : 1.5 miles

Located in Beavers Bend State Park, Friends Trail is considered a moderately challenging trail, with some rugged terrain and some steep inclines. However, you’ll be awarded with a terrific lake view with a forest of pine trees at the top of a ridge. It’s also a popular trail, so expect some company.

Friends Trail Loop on Google Maps

2. Lookout Mountain Loop

Length : 1.9 miles

Lookout Mountain Loop is set in the forest at Beavers Bend State Park and has some elevation to it. It can be a busy trail, thanks to its stunning scenery. The best time to use Lookout Mountain Loop is between April and October. Lookout connects to the Cedar Bluff Nature Trail.

This moderate/intermediate hiking trail is a favorite of many hikers in Broken Bow. It’s hilly with changing elevation and an overall good workout. Some hikers have reported that the trail is not marked well so be sure to bring your navigation tools!

Lookout Mountain Loop on Google Maps

3. Cedar Bluff Nature Trail

Length : 0.9 miles

Considered one of the easier trails at Beavers Bend State Park, Cedar Bluff is located across from Dogwood Campground near the kayaking and mini-golf. There is somewhat of a hill climb with this trail, and sometimes the creek floods the trail’s lower portion.

Cedar Bluff Nature Trail on Google Maps

4. Deer Crossing Trail

Length : 3.9 miles

As the name suggests, you just may get lucky enough to see some deer while hiking on Deer Crossing Trail in Beavers Bend State Park. Deer Crossing also features a fabulous wildflower display certain times of year and up to 767 feet of elevation.

Deer Crossing Trail on Google Maps

5. Beaver Lodge Nature Trail

Approximately 3 miles

This easy trail will keep you entertained if you want something that’s easy but longer. Instead of a loop trail, it’s an out and back trail, with a total length of about 3 miles. Start on this trail below the hydro-electric dam or the spillway. The trail is wide although there is one area that has flood damage and makes it narrow. Try to follow the wide trail until it becomes too steep or narrow for you. When that happens, you can turn around to go back.

Beaver Lodge Nature Trail on Google Maps

6. David Boren Trail

Length : 12 miles

David Boren Trail actually serves as a starting point for seven smaller trails that you can combine depending on what type of hiking experience you want. This includes the Beaver Creek, Beaver Lodge, Cedar Bluff, and Southpark Trails, all one mile; the Lookout Mountain Trail (1 ½ miles), the Deer Crossing Trail (2 miles), and the Dogwood Interpretive Nature Trail (5 miles). The trail was named for Oklahoma’s former governor. The David Boren Trail does not loop, so you’ll have to walk back to return to your starting point.

David Boren Trail on Google Maps

7. Lakeview Lodge Trail - 3 Loops

Length : varies

Located in Beavers Bend State Park, the Lake View Lodge Trail is comprised of 3 loops. Loops 1 and 3 are four-mile stretches, but for a shorter hike, we recommend the Short Loop or Loop 2. It has a couple of rolling hills, but it’s still a fairly easy trail, with some scenic lake views. Watch out for fallen trees in some areas. It’s a popular trail—expect to see several other hikers along the way! You may also see mountain bikers, so be aware.

For a bit more of a challenge compared to the Lake View Lodge Short Loop, the Lakeview Lodge Trail has some rolling hills, but it also offers some great lake views. The elevation is 249 feet, and you can find some beautiful wildflowers along the trail at certain times of year. It should be hiked in a clockwise direction, and you need to turn left at each Y with the exception of the third Y. At that third Y, you’ll turn right which will take you back to Lakeview Lodge.

Lakeview Lodge Trail on Google Maps

8. Skyline Trail-North Trailhead

Length : 9 to 10 miles

If you’re an experienced hiker looking for a challenge, then check out the Skyline Trail in Beavers Bend State Park. You’ll find some steep climbs and a 1,660-foot elevation, a waterfall, and a few different creek crossings. Always look out for trail markings, as they are sometimes a bit hidden on this trail.

Skyline Trail-North on Google Maps

9. Tree Trail

Length : 1.2 miles

If you’re looking for an easier trail, then try the Tree Trail in Beavers Bend State Park. Begin at Forest Heritage Center Museum, and see an interesting Native America sculpture. You’ll eventually follow the Beaver Creek floodplain and a bridge before looping back to the Heritage Center. This trail also features some signs about the area’s history.

The start begins near the Forest Heritage  & Beavers Bend State Park Nature Center. The little ones will love this one!

Tree Trail on Google Maps

10. Pine Ridge Trail

Length : ¾ of a mile

Here’s another option if you want an easier trail at Beavers Bend State Park. Pine Ridge Trail actually makes a figure-eight loop that goes through pine and hardwood forests and the top of a ridge. You’ll also walk again through a forest and the Beaver Creek floodplain. Expect two uphill and downhill grades, but overall it’s still an easy trail.

Pine Ridge Trail on All Trails

Photo Credit: Roger Clark

If you’re headed to Southeastern Oklahoma, hiking in Broken Bow is a must! No matter your skill level, you’ll be glad you hit the trail either solo, with family and friends or with your furry friends! (with a leash, of course!) And if you’re looking for other things to do in Broken Bow, we got you covered!

When you’re done with a day’s hike in Broken Bow, kick back and grab a bite to eat in Hochatown. Or, relax in a Broken Bow cabin. There are all sorts of choices, from cabins that are the perfect size for families to cabins that have hot tubs—or a combination of these terrific features! 


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