Red Slough WMA
Idabel, OK 74728

Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of McCurtain County, southeast Oklahoma, the expansive Red Slough Wildlife Management Area (WMA) offers visitors an unforgettable experience as it becomes home to diverse habitats, abundant wildlife, and recreational opportunities.

Red Slough encompasses a vast 5,814 acres. It is composed of various ecosystems, including approximately 2,400 acres of wetlands known as the Red Slough Wetland Reserve Program (WRP), 1,600 acres of shrub/scrub habitat, 1,100 acres of bottomland hardwood reforestation, 414 acres of reservoirs, and 300 acres of woodlands. The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, the U.S. Forest Service, and the Natural Resources Conservation Service manage this cooperative effort.

The habitat within wildlife management area provides a thriving environment for both game and non-game species. It includes reclaimed rice farm fields, bottomland hardwoods, open prairies, and replanted hardwood areas. Wildlife enthusiasts can encounter a variety of species, such as white-tailed deer, eastern turkeys, black bears, bobwhite quail, swamp and cottontail rabbits, waterfowl, river otters, as well as furbearers like raccoons, beavers, minks, and nutrias.

The area serves as a sanctuary for numerous non-game species as well. Visitors may witness the majestic presence of bald eagles and the occasional sightings of golden eagles soaring through the skies. Red Slough is a paradise for birdwatchers, with a confirmed count of 320 bird species. The area also occasionally provides sightings of the protected American alligator in the ponds, oxbows, and wetlands.

The management team at Red Slough aims to preserve and enhance the natural habitats for both game and non-game species. These practices include flooding, discing, prescribed burns, and bush hogging. The area fosters the growth of native plants and invertebrates, ensuring abundant forage for wildlife year-round. The management team conducts annual discing to stimulate native plant growth, reduce woody vegetation, and maintain habitat diversity. With excellent water sources, it ensures a thriving habitat for all species.

Camping facilities are not available within the area. However, visitors can utilize nine strategically located viewing platforms to observe wildlife and appreciate the natural surroundings. The nearby town of Idabel offers a range of facilities for lodging and dining options. The U.S. Forest Service can be contacted at 580-494-6402 for further information. It’s important to note that motorized vehicles are prohibited on the premises.

Fishing enthusiasts will find excellent opportunities to engage in their favorite pastime at Red Slough WMA. Push Creek and the reservoirs within the area offer excellent fishing prospects, with bass, catfish, and sunfish among the predominant species.


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